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About Us
Our Business

Bulgarian and EU pharmaceutical company headquartered in Sofia. We develop and manufacture safe and effective generic medicines, food supplements for the local and international markets.

Contract Manufacturing

Open for new partnerships

Adipharm uses its extensive experience in the development and manufacture of medicinal products in order to offer local or international companies flexible options for joint partnerships: contract manufacturing, licensing, as well as related transfer and regulatory activities.

We can offer: development, in-bulk manufacture, primary packaging in, (Alu/Alu; PVC/PVDC; sachets; secondary packaging (artwork management; serialization; aggregation; temper evidence); warehousing and logistics.

Adipharm could be considered as a full-service CMO, handling processes as:

• API/ materials sourcing;

• Supplier qualifications;

• Regulatory support;

• Manufacture of trial/validation batches;

• FDF commercial manufacturing.


Commercial Operations

Our product portfolio of effective safe and quality pharmaceutical medical products for variety of therapeutic areas are assets to medical professionals, doctors, clients and partners on the local and export markets. Our sales are split in 30% local market and 70% export markets.


Adipharm started to invest in R&D activities and we are open for co-development projects in order to meet the increased demand of new high-quality generic products. Adipharm has experience in the out-licensing of the dossiers developed in-house to other pharmaceutical companies for various international markets.


The principles we trust and follow:

Quality assurance is an overall concept that we follow from the acquisition of substances and materials, analysis, manufacture and the supply of our products to partners and patients. Our quality standards ensure compliance with EU GMP and international market standards. The quality aspects are backed up by Quality Manuals and Standard Operating Procedures.

Armed with belief and passion for research and development, we are constantly investing in the latest technologies and equipment for modernizing the stages of R&D and production processes.

The team is composed of highly intelligent, talented and innovative people, consisting of pharmacists, chemists, biologists, engineers, microbiologists and registration experts. They are responsible professionals with years of experience in regulatory activities, process validation, verification and drug development.

Recognising the responsibility we have on society, Adipharm offers quality, safe and highly effective medicines.  Best practices in the pharmaceutical industry are followed, with strict control over the entire manufacturing process – from acquisition of the substances to the finished product.

Our History

Adipharm a privately owned company founded in 1994 with headquarters in Sofia. The company manufactures OTC and prescription medicines, acts as a Subcontractor for the pharmaceutical industry for both national and international partners. The site specializes in manufacturing, packaging, and testing of solid dosage forms, semi-solid forms, and oral liquids. The site currently holds a European GMP certificate. We do not manufacture any beta-lactams, hormones, and pesticides/herbicides.

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 1994
  • 2003
  • 2011

Reconstruction, extension, upgrading, modernization of the pharmaceutical production site.

MA expanded to include: ointments, gels and unguents, oral drops, oral liquids and syrups

Adipharm was founded in 1994 with headquarters in Sofia

First MA issued for solid dosage forms

European GMP issued from BDA

Our Mission and Vision
Continuous expansion of our generic portfolio with new high quality medicines to ensure and improve the quality of life for patients all over the world.

Why us?

For the last two decades, Adipharm has been able to develop and enhance a rich and complementary portfolio of over 120 registered products, manufactured in full compliance with GMP requirements.
Reliable and timely distribution enables us to provide quality and efficient solutions on the Bulgarian market, as well as on over 30 foreign markets.

We have a modern production base with available capacity and wide capabilities. For our partners we offer development and preparation of registration documentation and production of pharmaceutical products. The products have registration documentation in accordance with all EU requirements and in EU CTD format.

Almost every year the company registers and receives numerous marketing authorizations at its own market and abroad. This enables the company to continuously expand its global market presence.

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
Russian GMP
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